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wilsonWilson Auto Electric (part of BBB Ind.) is the largest independent North American manufacturer and re-manufacturer of alternators, starters and electrical component parts for the automotive, industrial, Heavy Duty Truck, and marine aftermarkets.  Wilson use the highest quality components to meet or exceed original equipment standards. Exceptional Quality & Value has earned our business along with many leading Heavy Duty U.S. Private Label Brands.


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Battery Performance

Starter & Alternator issues many times begins and ends with battery condition and proper terminal connections. A poor battery will quickly undermine the performance life of the Alternator and Starter. ALWAYS CHECK battery charge, condition, and voltage at the Alt/Str positive terminal. Load-testing the battery by using a conductance tester to check its ability to take and store a charge is an important step to determine if the battery(s) require replacement. We highly recommend the use of the Midtronic MDX-700 or similar HD multi-battery pack tester.