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Find Correct Spring

How do I determine the correct replacement air spring?

Air Springs work in close tolerance of other suspension parts. It is important to use the correct replacement. The preferred method of determining proper replacement is either crossing from the OE air-spring or using our proprietary trailer application guide. Although measuring is a valid identification method, replacement is only as accurate as the previous replacement determination.

Steps to identifying Suspension Air Springs:

  1. Read tag or sticker located on top of air spring. If you can find this tag then you will need to go no further. Firestone #’s begin with W01-xxx-xxx and Goodyear with 1Rxx-xxx or for convoluted air springs xBxx-xxx.
  2. If the tag is missing or un-readable and no OE#, VIN or Trailer Suspension model # is available then you will need to physically identify your air spring.
  3. First step in identifying is to determine what type of air spring you have.  There are 3 basic types :
    • Rolling lobe (also called reversible sleeve)
    • Convoluted (single, double or triple)
    • Sleeve (usually referred to as a cab or seat springs).
  4. Once you have determined the air spring type , follow identification instruction in front of Firestone or Goodyear catalog.

Click on air spring picture below for helpful catalog identification hints:

rolling lobe