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Midtronic Battery Testers

midtronic-battery-testerMidtronics is the worldwide leader in battery and electrical Diagnostics.

Created specifically for the heavy-duty commercial fleet market, the MDX-700 HD or EPX-1000HD uses Midtronics advanced conductance technology, making it easy for anyone to test the full electrical system on heavy duty vehicles.


The MDX-700 HD & EPX-1000HD are designed to test the multiple battery systems found in trucks and commercial equipment.


 Advanced features include:
  • In-vehicle capabilities for analyzing the starting and charging systems
  • Complete system information in an easy-to-read format
  • Starter/ Alternator testing
  • Quick starter analysis without disabling the ignition
  • Advanced menu-driven interface for a complete charging system analysis in seconds
  • 15’ cables to accommodate testing from driver seat.

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MDX-700HD comes with: Tool Bag, Analyzer, Software, Manual, 15’ cable, Stud Adapters



MDX-700PHD comes with: Tool Bag, Analyzer with built in printer,  Software,  Manual, 15’ cable, Stud Adapters


EXP100-HD offers expanded capabilities including 6 pack battery test (v.s 4 pack with 700) and DMM Clamp & Probes for cable drop tests diagnostics.