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hippityFailure Analysis

Unless pre-mature failure occurs, Air Springs typical performance life is 7-9 years. The following outline causes of premature failure:

+ Freightliner Century Class ST Cab Air Spring

Issue OEM # Firestone Goodyear
Change of cab air spring 18-40977-000 superseded
by 18-52651-000
W02-358-7207 superseded
by W02-358-7215

W02-358-7215 replaced W02-358-7207. Due to proximity of the cab air spring to the exhaust system the bellows composition was changed to protect it from the premature high temperature damage it was incurring.

+ Freightliner FASII Rear Suspension

Issue OEM # Firestone Goodyear
Air spring can be purchased with either or aluminum or plastic piston several W01-358-9780 (plastic)
W01-358-9781 (alum.)
W01-358-9782 (steel)
1R12-303 (plastic) 1R12-603 (alum.)
Steel piston not available

Freightliner FASII Rear Suspension:

If your original air spring has a plastic piston then the W01-358-9780 / 1R12-303 (plastic base) or the W01-358-9781 / 1R12-603 (aluminum base)  can be used as a replacement.


  • If the original is spring has an aluminum piston then it is very important that only the W01-358-9781 / 1R12-603 be used.
  • If the original air spring has a steel piston on it, then only the W01-358-9782 is to be used. Goodyear currently does not make an equivalent with the steel piston.

+ Fruehauf / Wabash

Issue OEM # Firestone Goodyear
Air spring now being made for inside & outside piston mounting UCE-9393-1 superseded
by UCE 9393-2
W01-358-9130 superseded
by W01-358-9394
1R12-279 superseded
by 1R12-281

Firestone and Goodyear make 1 air spring for both inside and outside piston mounting.
  • Firestone offers the W01-358-9394, however in order to use the center mounting option (Originally #W01-358-9130) you must remove the central bolt which hold the piston on. The outside piston mounting holes are already included.
  • Goodyear offers the 1R12-281 and there is a threaded holes for both the center (Originally 1R12-279) and outside mounting options.

+ Hendrickson - How to identify Suspension model #

Application Issue OEM # Firestone Goodyear
Hendrickson - How to identify Suspension model # Tech Bulletin that helps identify suspension model #'s

Hendrickson-  Identification guide -- How to identify Suspension model #:
The following link will help you identify your suspension model.  With the suspension model # air springs and shocks can be correctly identified.

+ Holland - Neway CB400 Trailer Suspension

Application Issue OEM # Firestone Goodyear
Holland - Neway CB400 Trailer Suspension Possible spacer requirement due to ride height options 905-57-372 (supersedes 905-57-306 & 905-57-363) W01-358-8882 superseded by W01-358-9807 Currently not available

Holland-Neway CB-4000 suspension air spring change. Original OEM #905-57-306 (aftermarket W01-358-8882) was superseded by 905-57-363 (aftermarket W01-358-9807). Depending on the suspension ride-height an additional spacer may be needed. Below is a chart (figure #1) that’ll help figure out which spacer will be needed by either the use of the original spacer or knowing what the suspension height is. The suspension ride height can also be found on the serial tag as well (figure #2).

+ Warning: Goodyear & Firestone Piston

Application Issue OEM # Firestone Goodyear
Warning Piston: Firestone and Goodyear Pistons are not interchangeable between Firestone & Goodyear

Piston usage / Firestone and Goodyear: Warning!Firestone and Goodyear pistons are not interchangeable.  Firestone pistons can only be placed on a Firestone assembly , etc.  Not doing so will cause ride height issues and probable early failure.

Firestone 2009  air replacement catalog issues: Several omissions and varied mistakes found in the latest release of Firestone’s 2009 “Air Spring Replacement Guide”.   We suggest using the 2007 catalog first and the 2009 as a backup

  • Page 8 - W01-358-5328 - this part is obsolete and replaced by W01-358-5311.
  • Page 14 - W01-358-9259 - this part is obsolete and replaced by W01-358-8478.
  • Page 33 - W01-358-7667 - this part is obsolete. I have a note you can use a W01-358-8189 or W01-358-8195.
  • Page 55 - W01-358-9936 - O.D. of piston should be 9.50".
  • Page 73 - W01-358-9780 - add to remarks: A16-18335-000 (w/o bracket) & A16-18335-001 (w/o bracket) Page 73 - W01-358-9781 - add to remarks:
  • A1617574-001 (w/o bracket) &
  • A16-17574-002 (w/o bracket)
  • Page 74 - WC1-358-3876 - Delete in remarks : A16-18334-001 Page 74 - WC1-358-3874 - Delete in remarks: A16-17010-001 Page 76 - W01-358-8752 and
  • W01-358-8753 - o.d. of piston should be 9.50"
  • Page 80 - W01-358-8713 - Stud length wrong on bp - s/b 2/5" long not 1.57".
  • Page 125 - W01-358-8033 - bellows style should be 38 not 354.
  • Page 241 - The new parts and obsolete parts are switched.

Parts available but not in the catalog:

  • W01-358-8861 - 1T15M9 Watson & Chalin - AS0061-1F
  • W01-358-9278 - 1T15SN6 - Caterpillar 1029283
  • W01-358-9641 - 1T15M8 - Hend 59010-2B
  • W01-358-8941 - 1T15L4 - Hend. 59031-2
  • W01-358-9978 - 1T15M4 - Hend S28929
  • W01-358-9310 - 1T26D7 - Jet Co. 609861
  • W01-358-8637 - 1T17C6 - Watson & Chalin - AS0047-1G
  • W01-358-7659 - 26C - Hend 005079
  • W01-358-5514 - 1T19F12 - Watson & Chalin - AS0047-1G W01-358-5700 - 1T14CP6 - not sure of application
  • W01-358-7339 - 26C - Coachman 1167220
  • W01-358-9749 - 1T15L6 (transit bag)

Goodyear 2008 catalog drawing issues: There are a number of incorrect drawings in the 2008 Goodyear air spring catalog.  The drawings only affect the rolling lobe & convoluted style springs.  Sleeve style spring drawings are correct.  It is suggested that the 2005 catalog be kept for drawing reference.  The 2008 catalog should still be used for all cross reference info .  We will provide detail as updated.