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Common Questions

There are three different centering "Solutions" to choose from.

How do I know which one is right for me?

All of our centering solutions center the wheels. The main difference in the products is the application.

Solution "A" is a re-usable shop tool that is used when mounting the wheels and is then removed. The advantage of Solution A is that it can be used again and again on multiple trucks.

Solution "B" is for STEER AXLES ONLY and centers the wheel AND the universal brake drum.

Solution "C" is for both steer and drive axles originally designed to only centers the wheel. However, with the introduction of the 2 piece C-5000 series, wheel and brake drum centering is now possible for dual/drive axles.

How easy is it to install TRU-BALANCE ? ... Simple - Watch our video


What is the difference between the TRU-BALANCE and Skirt Nut?

Skirt Nut is a product that was designed to increase the clamping force between the nut and the wheel stud. Per the Skirt Nut website, each wheel stud needs to have a Skirt Nut on it to achieve the proper results. We have received numerous calls from people that have used the Skirt Nut product with our triangular pattern positioning (using only 3 Skirt Nuts) and were very unhappy with the results as they expected to center their wheels this way. Skirt Nut is a great product when it is used for what it was intended for; increased clamping force between the nut and the wheel stud and when used on all ten wheel studs, but it was not designed as a centering product.

Why should I be concerned about centering my brake drum?

With universal brake drums, the brake drum hole is much larger than the wheel stud. Because there is so much extra room or "slop" in the brake drum it is constantly moving/clocking. This movement causes wear and tear on the wheel stud and rim, which contributes to the tire vibration that most people feel. When you center the brake drum it stops this movement and keeps the brake drum in place.

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Why do you use the triangular positioning (12, 4 and 8 o'clock) for your products?

The triangular position establishes a self supporting plane, much like a tripod for a camera. You don't need 4 legs for the tripod to stand but it will fall if there are only 2 legs. It's the same principal for the positioning of our centering products. The 3 pins or sleeves on the wheel creates that same triangular position and that positioning will remain the same upon rotation with no shifting. Two sleeves or pins are not enough to get accurate centering and four pins or sleeves is not necessary. That is why we sell our centering sleeves in sets of 6. Three sleeves are used on each wheel.