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Tru Balance Overview

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Stop the Shake with Tru-Balance! When mounting hub-piloted wheels all the weight of the wheel and tire rests on the top pilots creating a gap in the bottom pilots, leaving the wheel off center.  A small gap the size of a business card can result in an off center wheel and an "egg-shaped" motion upon rotation.  This uneven motion results in tire vibration and irregular tire wear.  Even if you balance the tires, the wheel is still off center.  The bottom line is you can't balance an egg.

The TRU-BALANCE products bypass the hub-pilots and center the wheels back to the wheel studs which is the true center of the wheel.  Once the wheels are properly centered the uneven motion and out of round condition is eliminated.  The result is increased tire life, increased fuel mileage and an unbelievably smooth ride.

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Rule Of Thumb:

If you can fit a business card between any of your pilots, you are off center