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Truck Shock Quick Reference Application Guide

The Reagan Ind. Shock Absorber Quick Reference Application sheets use end mount codes as one of the key indicators for identifying the correct replacement shock. The five end mount codes used on these sheets are as follows:

fig-1-stud“S” for Stud. The shock is mounted with a vertical Stud, rather than an eye ring. See figure #1




“ES” stands for E for eye ring, and S for sleeve. A steel sleeve is attached between two factory pressed in bushings. See figure #2



fig-3-es-ext“ES (Ext)” is the same as “ES”, only the sleeve is extended out from the bushing. See figure #3. Note that this end mount identification is used only for the purposes of the Quick Reference Application Sheets, and is not referenced in the Gabriel catalog.


“EB2” & “EB3” E again stands for Eye ring, and B stands for Bushing. There is no sleeve. The mounting bolt fits directly into the bushings, which are held in place by washers. The Gabriel shock bushings are separate. The “EB2” is a smaller end mount for a ¾” bolt. The “EB3” is a larger end mount for a 1” bolt. See figure #4


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